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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look at Future Boy! What a weirdo...

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Future Boy
Twitter died off long ago where I'm from, and I always thought it would be fun if I could go back in time and tell people about what's in store for the planet.
Just look at some of my bizarre tweets featuring little tidbits of knowledge from the future!
"In the future, everyone will write love letters to their food. Not due to a fetish. Just cuz they'll be that lonely."
"In the future, after all the hot sauce is gone, people will just stab their tongues with needles when they eat."
"In the future, everybody's diet will be completely organic. Bugs count as organic, right?"
"In the future, fish will have nearly lethal levels of mercury in them, but people will be too crazy to care."
"I was going to tell you guys about the army of robots that rebels against mankind in the future, but I think you guys already see that coming."
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